If You Have Asked These Questions...               Then You Are In The Right Place...

​How do I get more clients?

I'm not great at sales, how do I get clients without being "salesy"?

How do I fill my week with high-quality prospects?

I'm stuck and am not clear on what I should be doing, help?!?!

How do I sell high-ticket, premium services?

How do I stand out and become the go-to person?

​My business is stuck, how do I scale it?

Is this all worth it? How do I get my confidence back?​

Our "Original" Philosophy

I believe those who start businesses and rise to a place of prominence have one thing in common. They walk different path. When everyone is going right, they go left. They challenge the status quo and are able to attract and prove what they do will MASSIVELY other's life.

The market is flooded with info products and trainings, with many copycatting off others. What happen to the originality? What happen to people who innovate, create, invent, and ultimately improve upon the current standard? It is our belief that people need to unlock the talents and gifts and create something unique and different. When it is communicated and presented in the right way, the world will open doors and opportunities will flood in like never before.

About Alex Kuhn

Origin Worx was founded by Alex Kuhn. Alex specializes in strategic development, client acquisition, and human behavior & performance.

​After building several NCAA swimming programs into the national rankings, Alex pursued his dream of starting his own company. Yet, coaching never left his blood as he started working with clients from all types of professions (athletes, gyms, businesses, entrepreneurs, CEO's marriages, weight loss, student...you name it). However, 2014 was a tipping point.

After 20 years of trial and error & research, he developed his own proprietary model, The Rapid Evolution Formula™, that has implemented with 100's of coaches, consultants, and business owners. While he will be the first to say "money means nothing if you aren't doing something you love", his clients earned $4.6 million dollars in business in 2015 alone.

Everyday, his mission is to blend the creative and data-driven sides of growth into simple, actionable steps anyone can succeed in implementing.

If you are interested in speaking with Alex, you can apply below to learn more about both his Live Intensive Implementation and Exclusive Coaching programs.​

The Original's Community™

While space is limited in our Rapid Evolution™ and Total Evolution™ programs, it doesn't mean that we don't want to help you grow and achieve your dream business and life! That is why we are committed to making The Original's Community™ the BEST resource for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to grow an impactful client-based business. Get the freshest tactics and support required to make your vision become a reality. Join us and make sure to introduce yourself!